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Integrated Intermodal  Transportation Solutions


Leading Intermodal Solutions Provider

Rail Modal Group (RMG) offers the "First Mile" solution. 

RMG's innovative supply chain solution provides customers service from their manufacturing facility to one of RMG's inland port locations, to the train, either with BNSF or Union Pacific railway, then on-dock at Los Angeles, Long Beach, Houston or Seattle.

RMG  provides one-stop logistics solution, while taking 75 million truck miles off the road since 2019.  

RMG's solution offers a reduced emissions impact to  customers, while expediting their products to the end user in a timely and expedited manner.

Innovative Solutions

RMG offers a revolutionary supply chain solution, which can provide unique and efficient ways to manage logistics challenges.

Global Reach

RMG’s ability to offer seamless freight movement worldwide can be appealing for businesses with international operations or supply chain needs.

Strategic Expertise

RMG positions itself as a strategic logistics partner optimizing the supply chain and reducing costs.

Why Choose Us


A track record of reliability and on-time delivery can be a crucial factor in choosing a logistics partner, and RMG’s services may offer this.


RMG may offer customized solutions to meet specific business needs allowing for flexibility in logistics management.

Cost Savings

Efficient logistics can lead to cost savings, and if RMG can deliver on this promise, and this can be a huge advantage.

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