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About Us

Preferred Intermodal Solutions Provider

RMG is an integrated transportation solutions provider leveraging its structurally-advantaged position to deliver value to front-end participants in the full supply chain focused on protein/agricultural exports via key gateway ports.

With targeted investment and expansion, RMG aims to become a market leading transportation solutions provider for the intermodal protein/agriculture export supply-chain.


Our Story

RMG was launched by our founder Greg Oberting and has grown rapidly with its innovative supply chain solution.


RMG launched its inland port terminals in largely unsupported transportation markets throughout the US, beginning with RMG's signature terminal located in Fremont, Nebraska and subsequently launching its Amarillo, Texas terminal then Minot, North Dakota, followed by the Kansas City locations and soon to open in Oklahoma City.


RMG is also building several cold storage facilities within our inland port terminals.

"Recognizing that the supply-chain service failures that the agricultural and protein export market were experiencing had a solution, we founded RMG to become the preferred integrated intermodal solutions provider to that sector"

Greg Oberting, CEO

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